Since the passing of the 2008 rezoning plan that only protected the predominantly white East Village while excluding Chinatown and Lower East Side, residents and small businesses have been displaced from our communities. But we’ve been fighting back. Since 2008, community members have been organizing to STOP the displacement and to take control of our own community. We’ve developed our own re-zoning plan to protect against displacement and encourage the kind of development that meets the needs of the community. We’ve gathered thousands of petitions and held rallies against displacement.

Recently, NMASS, along with other community groups and members,met with the Department of City Planning (DCP) on August 5th. We asked the  DCP to give the same protections to Chinatown and the Lower East Side, which are mixed communities of color, that they gave to the East Village in 2008, by passing the People First Rezoning Plan. We were told that our re-zoning plan  is too ambitious and  could not be implemented.

LES and Chinatown community members say enough is enough! Is it too ambitious to protect low-income communities of color from displacement? Is it too ambitious to STOP racist displacement and to support the needs of the community?

Join us as we march to City Hall on September 25th. Let’s tell Mayor De Blasio that communities of color have had enough with the city’s racism and efforts to push us out!