Hunger Strike on City Hall!

HUNGER STRIKE Against De Blasio’s Collusion with Landlords & Developers

Launch time: Wednesday 5/30/2018 @ 11am
Location: City Hall entrance (Broadway and Murray St)

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The tenants of 85 Bowery–including babies and seniors–were displaced in the cold night of January 18, by their landlord Joseph Betesh in collaboration with City agencies with the excuse of making repairs. Since then, these families have been homeless, forced into cramped conditions. The Bowery tenants’ actions to go back home, including a 5-day hunger strike, made the Mayor’s Office oversee the repairs. Nevertheless, Mayor de Blasio not only has allowed Betesh to keep delaying the repair process, but also has condoned his most outrageous act–tossing the tenants’ belongings into dumpsters!

The mistreatment of the Bowery tenants is shocking but not surprising, as de Blasio has been pushing for pro-developer rezoning plans, while refusing to pass community-led rezoning plans like the Chinatown Working Group plan. He is making NYC a city only for the rich. For a mayor who prides himself on being a protector of working families and immigrant communities, this is shameful.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! New Yorkers are fed up with Mayor de Blasio’s collusion with landlords and developers that keep tenants out and displace communities across the city. The Bowery tenants are resuming the hunger strike. They are fighting to go back home and are taking the lead to put an end to De Blasio’s displacement agenda.

The tenants and supporters demand Mayor de Blasio:
· Guarantee on paper a deadline by which the tenants can return home
· Stop having City agencies evict tenants on behalf of landlords
· End pro-developers displacement agenda; instead, pass community-led rezoning plans like the Chinatown Working Group plan.

Citywide Alliance Against Displacement
Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the LES