Two Bridges Town Hall, 12/12/18 @ 6PM

image courtesy of the Municipal Art Society of New York
The plan for new skyscrapers in Two Bridges passed the City Planning Commission in a 10-3 vote on 12/5/18.
This is the latest example of how Mayor de Blasio and his agencies blatantly violate their own law* and ignore community opposition in the interest of big developers. From Amazon to pro-developer rezonings to jail proposals, we have seen again and again the Mayor’s intention to destroy the city that we love.
But momentum has been building and now is the time to fight back – it’s not too late!
Please join us for a Two Bridges TOWN HALL to learn how to fight against these towers!
Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side
When: Dec 12, Wednesday at 6pm
Where: P.S. 2, 122 Henry St (at Pike St)


*Despite being approved by the City Planning Commission, these towers are ILLEGAL.
CPC Chair Marisa Lago said before her vote in favor of the application that legally the minor modification meets the conditions of the current zoning regulations.
But the proposed site for development is a
Large Scale Residential Development (LSRD), governed by Zoning Resolution Article 7, Chapter 8. There is no need for a full ULURP since these towers violate the existing zoning. The Zoning Resolution governing the LSRD requires that any proposed development get a special permit from the City before construction begin. The development would be approved only if it will:
1. Not interfere with the character of the neighborhood
2. Not restrict light and air or privacy
3. Not Introduce detrimental building bulk
4. Not create traffic congestion
5. Serve a public need
6. Lead to better site planning
The proposed development does not meet any of these requirements!
For additional information
Youth Against Displacement
Art Against Displacement

Yes We Did It!

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Through years of organizing and struggle, the Bowery tenants were finally able to sign an agreement with landlord Joseph Betesh. This is an unprecedented agreement that sets in stone items like: guaranteed deadline of August 31st with penalty on landlord if passed; guaranteed hotel stay paid by the landlord throughout the repair; rent-stabilized leases; compensation for property damages, loss of rooms and lawyer’s fee; no rent increase for repairs.
It is a stunning accomplishment, and it could have not been achieved without the support of the community, and that includes you. It shows the people united will never be defeated. However, we should not forget the years of suffering the tenants had to go through; it could have been avoided had Mayor Bill de Blasio adopted the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan to protect the community.

Hunger Strike on City Hall!

The tenants of 85 Bowery, who have been kept out of their homes for months by their landlord and the City, are resuming a hunger strike on May 30th to demand Mayor Bill de Blasio stop colluding with landlords and developers.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! New Yorkers are fed up with Mayor de Blasio’s collusion with landlords and developers that force tenants out and displace communities across the city. The Bowery tenants refuse to be victims. They are fighting to go back home and taking the lead to put an end to de Blasio’s displacement agenda.

The tenants and supporters demand Mayor de Blasio:

  • Guarantee on paper a deadline by which the tenants can return home
  • Stop having City agencies evict tenants on behalf of landlord
  • End his pro-developer displacement agenda instead, pass community-led rezoning plans like the Chinatown Working Group plan.

We call on organizations to join and help turn the tide of displacement; and to call, for community-led rezoning that is for working people, and by working people.


The Villager: Chin Is Developers Doormat, Must Step Down

BY KARI LINDBERG | The monthly protest led by the Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side was held once again on Wed., April 26 — and this time its target was City Councilmember Margaret Chin.

While the group’s previous demonstrations have been held in front of City Hall, the location was now moved across the street, directly in front of the offices of New York City councilmembers at 250 Broadway.

Read the whole article from The Villager >>



Councilwoman Margaret Chin, Step Down!

Wednesday, April 26, 3:30 p.m.
Rally in front of Margaret Chin’s office, 250 Broadway


Has the Extell construction affected your health or your apartment? Worried about being displaced?
Tired of Margaret Chin colluding with developers to destroy our neighborhood?

Instead of protecting Chinatown and the Lower East Side, Council Member Margaret Chin has colluded with developers, Sheldon Silver and Mayor de Blasio to destroy our homes and community. Because Chin is blocking the community-led Chinatown Working Group Rezoning Plan which would put height limits on new developments, luxury condos like Extell and the JDS tower will be built everywhere in our community.

Chin uses ploys like public hearings, task forces, a Chinatown-only rezoning plan to divide us and promote racism. She held two meetings about the EIS process on the waterfront–all a phony show right before the elections. She is pushing a rezoning plan for a tiny part of Chinatown that excludes Latinos and African-Americans and the waterfront from protection. Her plan pits Chinese, Blacks and Latinos against one another, and benefits luxury developers. Also, Chin and de Blasio are working to privatize and sell NYCHA off to developers and banks, encouraging private, luxury development on the property of La Guardia and Smith.

The community’s CWG Plan that Chin rejects would protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side from displacement, putting height caps on new developments and requiring that any housing built on NYCHA land be 100% low-income.

Let’s protest at Margaret Chin’s office and demand that she step down now!

Wednesday, April 26, 3:30 p.m.
In front of Margaret Chin’s office, 250 Broadway

If you want to protect your home and our community, we urge you, your family, your friends to join us! Let’s discuss and plan together. Call the Coalition to Protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side, c/o NMASS at 212-358-0295.