Tuesday, 6/14, Rally + Press Conference at Dr. Jays

Shame on Dr. Jay’s Owner Joseph Betesh!

Slumlord Millionaire Fakes Settlement, Pushes for Evictions!


479 Fulton Street, Downtown Brooklyn

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 10am

We, tenants of 83 & 85 Bowery, Coalition to Protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side and supporters, are calling on slumlord millionaire Joseph Betesh, owner of Dr. Jay’s, to right his wrongdoings.

Over a year ago, Betesh tried to evict one of the tenants in attempt to push all of the long-time residents out. The tenants came together, vowing not to give up until they win. The tenants sued Betesh for nearly 200 housing repair violations, and the landlord has been ordered to complete them by June 20th or face contempt and possible arrest. The landlord has since dismissed the housing court eviction case against the tenant, and was told by the judge to cover the tenant’s lawyer’s fee. Still Betesh is delaying repairs, using the “deteriorating housing condition” as an excuse to sue all the tenants and kick them out of their homes, even though everyone knows he is losing the case.

Last month, at a court hearing, Betesh’s lawyer misled the public to believe they reached a settlement with tenants to give them 99-year-long rent-stabilized leases and not evict them. In actuality, Betesh disregarded the tenants’ engineer’s proof that the necessary court-ordered repairs can be done with them remaining in their homes, and insists on them moving out in order to complete the repairs. This is just another excuse to push for eviction.

We demand slumlord Betesh immediately:

  • Complete the court-ordered repairs with the tenants’ engineer’s supervision
  • Stop the dirty tactics to evict the families from 83 & 85 Bowery
  • Register the two buildings as rent-stabilized

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Chinatown Tenants Make Legal Breakthrough Against Millionaire Slumlord

Following last week’s protest of three hundred Chinatown and Lower East Side residents, workers and supporters, the 83 & 85 Bowery tenants have made a breakthrough in holding their landlord Joseph Betesh accountable for allowing the buildings to fall into disrepair.
Yesterday, a housing court
judge ordered the 83 & 85 Bowery landlord to repair major violations including a sloping staircase and sloping floors within 60 days. If the repairs are not
done, the landlord could face arrest and jail time.
Since Mayor de Blasio took office, he has followed in the footsteps of the Bloomberg administration, insisting our community’s demand for a rezoning plan is “too ambitious.” Instead, he has pushed through a broad-sweeping citywide zoning that will further protect neighborhoods like the East Village, while leaving ourmajority Asian and Latino community a real estate prairie, as described by the New York Times. As long as we do not have the same protections, our community will face thousands more evictions. Enough is enough, we will not stand for being treated as second-class citizens!
We are encouraged by the progress with 83 & 85 Bowery, as we continue to fight for equal treatment for our neighborhood, starting with adoption of the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan.
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Bedford + Bowery: Dr. Jay’s Mogul Accused of Tenant Harassment on the Bowery

By Kavitha Surana: More than 100 Chinatown residents and their supporters crowded onto the sidewalk in front of 83 and 85 Bowery yesterday afternoon, marching around the block and gumming up traffic. The rally was part of the Coalition to Protect Chinatown’s ongoing effort to draw attention to tenant harassment cases and push for height limits and rent stabilization in the neighborhood.

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Bowery Boogie: Ongoing Tenant Harassment on the Bowery Sparks Rally Against Landlord Joseph Betesh

Embattled tenants of 83-85 Bowery are still struggling against their landlord of three years, Joseph Betesh. The Dr. Jay’s magnate purchased these adjacent tenements back in 2013 alongside ten other Bowery buildings in a blockbusterportfolio deal valued at $62 million. It didn’t take long for the alleged harassment to begin.
Holdout tenants subsequently organized to fight Betesh and his purported inaction in repairing the structurally challenged buildings. (This is a common harassment tactic by slumlords.) The activists are now demanding the city take action to “bring criminal charges against millionaire landlord Joseph Betesh.” A rally was held yesterday to gain visibility and support for the cause. Hundreds of supporters were reportedly in the ranks.

New York Daily News: Tenants fighting for Chinatown apartments protest slumlord millionaire

By Aidan McLaughlin, Nicole Hensley: Dozens rallied against a slumlord millionaire accused of pressuring low-income tenants to vacate 83 and 85 Bowery.
Protesters chanting and marching outside the Manhattan apartments at 4 p.m. Tuesday blamed landlord Joseph Betesh for letting both buildings fall into disrepair.
The city has already ordered sections of the dilapidated buildings vacated.