Next Steps… Announcing the March to Save the Lower East Side

December 16, 2018

Dear New Yorkers,

Thank you to all who attended The Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side’s Two Bridges Two Hall! We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the LESON strategy and how we are working with the Asian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDEF) in stopping these illegal towers from being built. 

To all our neighbors who are terrified and angered by the negative impacts of these 4 illegal mega towers – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THEM! Our community is coming together and we invite you to be part of the effort to stop this crazy over-development from destroying the neighborhood.
To all of our friends throughout NYC, we stand in solidarity and support your battles. Thank you to those who attended our event to share your stories and to show your support.

We know that our fight against these proposed illegal megatowers is no different than the multiple fights being battled across NYC as Mayor de Blasio’s administration continues to act against working people in approving Citywide rezonings that enrich real estate developers over communities, selling and privatizing NYCHA and other public resources and giving tax subsidies to billionaire companies like Amazon rather than the people he swore to serve.

So what do we do now, what can we do together?

We need join forces and stand in solidarity against the gentrifier-in-chief Mayor and let him know, WE WILL NOT BE MOVED! The lawsuit against the towers will only be successful if  the community stands strong and united so that the powers that be have to back off. 

NOW is the moment to build up the community power. Join us and march to save the Lower East Side from de Blasio’s displacement agenda.

When: January 21st (MLK Day), 12 noon
Where: Pike and Cherry Streets, Lower East Side
How: Spread the flyer for the march in your schools, workplaces, community organizations, and local small businesses

Join us for a meeting to plan the march on Thursday, December 27 – 6pm @ 345 Grand Street, NY NY

In solidarity,
The Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES
(212) 358-0295

Two Bridges Town Hall, 12/12/18 @ 6PM

image courtesy of the Municipal Art Society of New York
The plan for new skyscrapers in Two Bridges passed the City Planning Commission in a 10-3 vote on 12/5/18.
This is the latest example of how Mayor de Blasio and his agencies blatantly violate their own law* and ignore community opposition in the interest of big developers. From Amazon to pro-developer rezonings to jail proposals, we have seen again and again the Mayor’s intention to destroy the city that we love.
But momentum has been building and now is the time to fight back – it’s not too late!
Please join us for a Two Bridges TOWN HALL to learn how to fight against these towers!
Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side
When: Dec 12, Wednesday at 6pm
Where: P.S. 2, 122 Henry St (at Pike St)


*Despite being approved by the City Planning Commission, these towers are ILLEGAL.
CPC Chair Marisa Lago said before her vote in favor of the application that legally the minor modification meets the conditions of the current zoning regulations.
But the proposed site for development is a
Large Scale Residential Development (LSRD), governed by Zoning Resolution Article 7, Chapter 8. There is no need for a full ULURP since these towers violate the existing zoning. The Zoning Resolution governing the LSRD requires that any proposed development get a special permit from the City before construction begin. The development would be approved only if it will:
1. Not interfere with the character of the neighborhood
2. Not restrict light and air or privacy
3. Not Introduce detrimental building bulk
4. Not create traffic congestion
5. Serve a public need
6. Lead to better site planning
The proposed development does not meet any of these requirements!
For additional information
Youth Against Displacement
Art Against Displacement