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Anti-displacement activists call for de Blasio’s resignation

Hundreds of residents and numerous community-based groups from the five boroughs of NYC joined under the umbrella of the Citywide Alliance Against Displacement to call on Mayor de Blasio to step down for racism and corruption and reclaim MLK, Jr. Protestors denounce him as being “two side of the same coin as Donald Trump”. They are joined by State Senator and 2017 Mayoral candidate Tony Avella, who voices support for the protest’s demands/platforms.


‘De Blasio must go!’ Groups Demand Mayor Resign for Rezoning Snub

As Giant Luxury Towers Loom Over LES and Chinatown, Residents Protest Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Racist’ Zoning Laws



Hundreds call for Chinatown rezoning at town hall

Hundreds of residents attend a town hall meeting organized by the Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES. The mayor was invited to hear community’s demand for the Chinatown Working Group plan to be passed. He does not come. He sends a representative who tells community that the plan is too ambitious. The community decides to picket the Mayor’s house (Gracie Mansion)

‘We need protection!’ LES/Chinatown must be rezoned, hundreds cry

On 9/25/2015, a thousand members march to City Hall demanding that the Mayor pass the CWG plan, stop the Extell skyscraper, and end the use of public assets and funding for luxury development.

Rising fury at Mayor de Blasio over luxury developments

Chinatown and LES community members denounce the Extell development, an 80 story skyscraper built on public land amidst vulnerable public housing. They announce their intention to march on City Hall and demand that the Mayor stop the Extell skyscraper and pass the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan.

A Clash of Old and New in a Manhattan Real Estate Prairie

Tenants of 83-85 Bowery fight against their slumlord amidst the City’s refusal to pass the CWG rezoning plan.

Tenants fighting for Chinatown apartments protest slumlord millionaire

Residents of 83-85 Bowery, joined by a hundred other community members, protest their slumlord and demand that the City pass the CWG rezoning plan.


Growth Limits Urged for Chinatown

Coalition to Protect Chinatown and Lower East Side unveils its “People First Rezoning Plan” which if passed would put height limits on new development and curb luxury high rise development. The plan is ultimately adopted by the Chinatown Working Group in 2011 (

The Wong Plan: Wok & Roll Founder Wants to Make SPURA 100 Percent Affordable, Build Giant Bus Depot

In 2012, community members collect almost 10,000 petitions demanding that the City use the public lots known as SPURA 100% low-income housing. Their councilwoman say this is impossible, but would consider if we can find a developer who is willing to build 100% low-income housing. The Coalition presents a developer who is willing. The City refuses to meet with this developer, and ends up using the site for 70% luxury development.

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Chinatown group brands East Side rezoning ‘racist

At this community meeting, hundreds of people denounce the racist East Village rezoning plan for failing to protect parts of the community board 3 that are predominantly low-income and people of color.

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