Oct. 2015 March to City Hall

In Oct. 2015, at least one thousand march again to City Hall. The City refused to adopt and pass our rezoning plan despite a historic march in Sept. that drew people of all races and background from our community!

Sept. 2015 March to City Hall

In Sept. 2015, at least one thousand residents of Chinatown and Lower East Side march from the Extell Tower (former Pathmark) to City Hall. We demand that de Blasio
1. Pass the CWG rezoning plan
2. Stop the Extell tower
3. Stop using public assets and land to subsidize luxury development!

What is the People First Rezoning Plan?

Chinatown & LES unite against racist East Village Rezoning Plan (2008)

Chinatown & LES unite for 100% low-income housing on public land

Malcolm Lam testifies at City Council hearing on the racist E. Village rezoning

Protest outside Borough President Scott Stringer’s office against E. Village rezoning