Councilwoman Margaret Chin, Step Down!

Wednesday, April 26, 3:30 p.m.
Rally in front of Margaret Chin’s office, 250 Broadway


Has the Extell construction affected your health or your apartment? Worried about being displaced?
Tired of Margaret Chin colluding with developers to destroy our neighborhood?

Instead of protecting Chinatown and the Lower East Side, Council Member Margaret Chin has colluded with developers, Sheldon Silver and Mayor de Blasio to destroy our homes and community. Because Chin is blocking the community-led Chinatown Working Group Rezoning Plan which would put height limits on new developments, luxury condos like Extell and the JDS tower will be built everywhere in our community.

Chin uses ploys like public hearings, task forces, a Chinatown-only rezoning plan to divide us and promote racism. She held two meetings about the EIS process on the waterfront–all a phony show right before the elections. She is pushing a rezoning plan for a tiny part of Chinatown that excludes Latinos and African-Americans and the waterfront from protection. Her plan pits Chinese, Blacks and Latinos against one another, and benefits luxury developers. Also, Chin and de Blasio are working to privatize and sell NYCHA off to developers and banks, encouraging private, luxury development on the property of La Guardia and Smith.

The community’s CWG Plan that Chin rejects would protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side from displacement, putting height caps on new developments and requiring that any housing built on NYCHA land be 100% low-income.

Let’s protest at Margaret Chin’s office and demand that she step down now!

Wednesday, April 26, 3:30 p.m.
In front of Margaret Chin’s office, 250 Broadway

If you want to protect your home and our community, we urge you, your family, your friends to join us! Let’s discuss and plan together. Call the Coalition to Protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side, c/o NMASS at 212-358-0295.

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