Congratulations Inwood!

Big congrats to Inwood Legal Action and Northern Manhattan Is Not For Sale for striking down the Inwood Rezoning! The Inwood community’s struggle against Mayor de Blasio’s pro-developer rezoning has been an inspiration for anti-displacement fights across the City. This court victory is the testament to the fact that when people are united to hold the City accountable for its displacement agenda, they can win! This is a victory for all of us who are fighting to protect our communities against the Mayor of the 1% and his big real estate buddies. The Mayor is now pathetically trying to appeal and rolling back people’s victory, but the tide has turned: communities are rising up and making concrete wins. De Blasio–get the hell out of the way!

Read more at the Gothamist: In Huge Defeat For De Blasio, Judge Knocks Down Inwood Rezoning

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